YanXin Primary School Held the Book Auction in Yan Ji City

YanXin primary school actively practiced the core socialist values and advocated "book sharing activities “in YanJi city. On May 7th, YanXin primary school held a book auction which named good book reading, resource sharing. This activity took “Brotherhood class" as a unit, the seniors sold books and junior students bought books. Old books students have read were sold in the front of the teaching building and Scene was lively. In order to sell books, students have done a lot of preparatory work, sorting, consulting the book pricing, selling word designing. Some students played commentator according to their own understanding for the content of books; some students promoted the books to the curious "customers"; others simply hawked standing in front of the booth.

Bustling scene attracted many students and teachers who couldn't help bargaining with sellers when they saw a good book on the booth. A lot of students read books at once beside parterre after books buying, which artistic atmosphere was full of the whole campus.

Book sharing activities not only exercised the unity cooperation ability of students, promoted books exchanging, but also set up a reading communication platform for building scholarly campus and class.