Major Functions

(1) Implementing policies, laws and regulations on education stipulated by the Central Committee and Jilin People’s Government, planning educational reform, and drafting and carrying out local laws, regulations, rules and policies.

(2) Being responsible for overall planning and coordinating all kinds of education management at all levels, formulating standard measures for the implementation of schools at various levels together with the relevant departments, conducting the reform about education and teaching in schools at various levels, being in charge of gathering information statistics, conducting analysis, reporting and releasing related data in basic education .

(3) Being responsible for promoting a balanced development of compulsory education and fair education, conducting and coordinating compulsory education and conducting general high school education, pre-school education and special education; planning elementary teaching requirements and documents, examining provincial elementary teaching materials and enforcing quality education in an all-round fashion.

(4) Supervising and giving directions to the local education, being responsible for organizing, guiding, inspecting and evaluating the work of secondary and lower secondary education, basically wiping out illiteracy among the young and the adults and monitoring basic education quality.

(5) Conducting the development and reform of employment-oriented vocational education, formulating teaching documents of secondary vocational education, giving directions to textbook construction of secondary vocational education and occupation guidance.

(6) Giving directions to reform and development of higher education, being responsible for deepening the reform of management system of provincial colleges and universities. Developing higher education teaching files, making arrangements for the verification of the setting-up, the renaming, the cancellation and the adjustment of provincial universities with the relevant departments, being responsible for the coordination and implementation about the “211 projects” and “985 projects”. Conducting all kinds of higher education and continuing education, and promoting higher education evaluation.

(7) Being responsible for the unified management of education budget for provincial-level education organizations and institutions, working out policies jointly with other organizations concerned on raising education budget, collecting educational funds, attracting capital construction investment and charging education fees; supervising and collecting data on the input, the performance, and the use of financial allocations for education purposes at all localities, management of various education loan and other education aid.

(8) Giving directions to the work of education for ethnic minorities, coordinating education aid to ethnic minorities and ethnic minority areas.

(9) Planning and guiding the Chinese Communist Party building at different universities; administering, in coordination with Jilin Provincial Party Committee, all the cadres of universities; giving directions to the construction of leading bodies in universities, the construction of the Party’s basic organization and the education management and the united front of the Party members of related private colleges and independent colleges.

(10) Being responsible for the inspection and supervision of institutions of higher learning party organizations and party members and the leading cadres to observe party discipline. Guiding and coordinating the United Front Work and alliance work in universities.

(11) Giving directions to the ideological and political work, the moral education, the physical culture hygiene and the arts education and the national defense education. Coordinating and Giving directions to the safety, stability and security work of schools or universities.

(12) Being in charge of the teachers’ affairs of the whole province,seeing to the implementation of various teacher qualification systems; planning and guiding the construction of teaching faculty and of the administration team in the education sector at all schools and universities based on standards issued by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

(13) Giving directions to the enrollment tests and the roll management of all schools and universities; planning the enrollment policy in higher education and vocational education, participating in the drafting of employment policies and entrepreneurial policies of the graduate students; giving directions to would-be university graduates and temporarily un-employed university graduates about the employment and the entrepreneurial work.

(14) Planning and guiding study on natural science ,philosophy and social science in universities; Coordinating and guiding universities to participate in national, provincial construction of innovation system,giving directions to the scientific and technological work of all kinds in universities; Giving directions to the construction of scientific research innovation platform; Giving directions to the combination of production, education and research and the relevant scientific and technological industrial work and the informatization of education work.

(15) Planning, guiding and organizing foreign exchange and cooperation in the education sector, being responsible for affairs related to the government-sponsored students studying abroad in the whole province; giving directions to the administrative work of foreign students coming to study in Jilin Province. Planning, coordinating and guiding Chinese international promotion, making arrangement for the education cooperation and exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Being responsible for the examination and approval of international education exhibition in the whole province.

(16) Planning and implementing national language work guidelines and policies, national minority language and Chinese norms and standards; Planning and guiding the promotion of standardization of Putonghua and its training.

(17) Being responsible for the implementation of the national academic degree system. Being in charge of the related work of academic degree committee of Jilin province.

(18) Being responsible for coordinating the international cooperation and exchanges with UNESCO in education, science and technology, culture etc.

(19) Undertaking other matters assigned by Jilin Provincial Communist Party Committee, Jilin People’s Government.