Internal Departments

  • General Office

    Being responsible for daily administrative work such as document processing, committee affairs, confidential work, archives keeping, financial affairs, asset management; undertaking such work as collecting information, maintaining secrecy, answering petition letters, conducting press publicity, making government affairs public, inspecting and government affairs coordination.

  • Policy and Regulation Division

    Researching education reform and development strategy and investigating major issues with reference to relevant policies; drawing up local laws and regulations, and draft regulations; undertaking the construction of legal system in the education sector and the administrative work in accordance with the law; handling administrative reexaminations and administrative complaints; being in charge of the education administration about the administrative examination and approval items acceptance and approval of whole province; Be responsible for the coordinating investigation, argumentation, audit and reporting of the administrative examination and approval; being responsible for the issuance of relevant administrative license; being responsible for the use of the special seal for management of administrative examination and approval; being responsible for the administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation of administrative examination and approval; be In charge of other administrative examination and approval shall be borne by the administrative department of education, which according the laws, regulations, rules and regulations.

  • Development and Planning Division

    Mapping out the development plan and the annual plan of education in the whole province; formulating the enrollment plan of universities jointly with certain departments; formulating measures for the implementation of all kinds of schools at all levels to set standards jointly with certain departments; making arrangements for verifying the setting-up, the cancellation, the renaming and the adjustment of universities with relevant departments; collecting statistic data and conducting analysis and distribution of the basic information in the education sector of the whole province; being responsible for the basic construction of education system, formulating measures for the implementation of all kinds of schools at all levels of construction standards In conjunction with the relevant departments; undertaking the construction management of provincial universities and directly affiliated institutions; conducting overall management of private education and comprehensive coordination; undertaking institutions of higher education safety supervision and the socialized reform of logistics management.

  • Personnel Division

    Being responsible for the administrative organs and giving directions to the personnel management, the size of administrative organs and the labor and wages of institutions directly under the administration of the Province; undertaking the guidance of the talent team construction of education system; Planning and conducting the cadres team construction of universities teachers and educational administrative system; giving directions to the training of administrative cadres in education; formulating faculty quotas standard implementation opinions of all kinds school Together with the relevant departments.

  • College Cadre Division(Higher Education Committee and Members Office)

    Giving directions to the Party construction in universities; assisting the provincial Party Committee Organization Department to management the deputy of provincial colleges and the principal and the deputy of college (vocational) school; assisting the relevant state ministries to management the leadership and leading cadres of Jilin Province universities On behalf of the Jilin Province Party committee; guiding the entire province university party's basic-level organization construction and the party members' education management work; Unified managing the Party organizations relationship in the provincial Colleges and universities and Colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education, and in the private colleges, independent college had touch on business guidance with the Education Department of Jilin Province; being responsible for the cadres training of colleges and universities.

  • Financial audit Division

    Drawing up overall province policies on raising educational expenditure, education allocations, student financial assistance; counting up and monitoring the provincial education funds investment and usage; be responsible for the state-owned assets, budget, financial management and internal audit of provincial universities and unites directly under the Education Department of Jilin Province; participating in the compulsory education funds management and special educational funds management; managing the education assistance and education loans; be responsible for the coordinating related to the trade and industry, tax, financial examination aspect.

  • Elementary Education Division I

    Undertaking the compulsory education macro management; promoting the balanced development of compulsory education and strengthening the rural compulsory education policies and measures in conjunction with relevant aspects, presenting the policies and measures ensuring all the students receive equal compulsory education; formulating the compulsory education running standards, regulating the behavior of compulsory education schools, promoting the educational reform , implementing quality education in conjunction with relevant aspects; conducting moral education and out of school education of elementary and secondary schools; guiding the student status management work of primary and secondary schools.

  • Elementary Education Division II

    Undertaking ordinary high school education, preschool education and special education macro management; promoting the policies and measures and basic teaching documents of ordinary high school, early childhood education, special education and correctional education development in whole province together with relevant aspects; conducting and managing primary and secondary school textbook examination and approval, promoting the curriculum reform; conducting teaching informatization ,library, experimental equipment providing of elementary and secondary schools.

  • Vocational and Adult Education Division

    Undertaking overall plan, comprehensive coordination and macro management of vocational education. Formulating teaching basic requirements and guidance documents of the secondary vocational education; give direction to education teaching reform and teaching material construction of the secondary vocational education; being responsible for student status management of the secondary vocational education; conducting teacher training of the secondary vocational education; conducting higher vocational education together with the relevant divisions; undertaking adult education and the macro guidance which eliminating illiteracy among the young and middle-aged.

  • Division of Higher Education

    Being in charge of the macro management of higher education teaching. Conducting the basic construction and reform of higher education teaching work; guiding and improving higher education evaluation; formulating the guidance document of higher education. Giving direction to higher continuing education and remote education at various levels.

  • National education Division

    Guiding and coordinating the special work of minority education; planning and conducting "bilingual education" work of ethnic minorities; conducing national unity education of elementary and middle school students; be responsible for coordinating education assistance to ethnic minorities and ethnic minority areas.

  • Normal education Division

    Planning and guiding teachers’ team construction of primary and secondary school; give direction to normal education reform and teacher training; conducting the implementation of the teacher qualification system; Organizing and implementing the language standardization work; supervising and inspecting the application of the language; organizing and improving the scheme for the Chinese phonetic alphabet, Guiding and promoting Putonghua and mandarin teacher training; undertaking minority language standardization work, conducting the research and application of ethnic minority language information processing; undertaking the daily work of the language work committee of Jilin Province.

  • Education Supervision Office

    Formulating regulations for local education supervision and supervision index system, guiding the provincial educational supervision; organizing the supervision assessment and acceptance inspection on eliminating illiteracy among young and middle-aged adults of secondary and below secondary education; publishing the educational supervision report of provincial government; carrying out the provincial elementary education development level and quality monitoring; undertaking the daily work of provincial government education supervision group.

  • Division of Higher Education Ideological and Political Education Division(College Working Committee Propaganda Division )

    Giving directions to the ideological and political education of university teachers and students; planning and coordinating the teacher training on college ideological and political theory course teaching and discipline construction; give direction to the college spiritual civilization construction and the college counselors’ team construction; guiding the college theoretical propaganda and the situation and policy education; being responsible for the United Front Work of colleges and universities; being in charge of the network culture construction and management of colleges and universities. Undertaking the guidance and coordination of education system TV news.

  • Students Affairs Management Division

    Undertaking the student status and the degree management of all kinds of higher degree education; give direction to develop college students’ employment guidance and service of educational administrative departments at all levels and universities under province; participating and formulating the common colleges and universities graduates employment policy; organizing and implementing the national, provincial special need graduates employment program.

  • Safety and Security Division(College Working Committee Mass Work Department)

    Implementing the country-related guidelines, policies, laws and regulations about school security and stability; be responsible for university stability and political security cooperating with related departments, timely reporting and handling major security incidents; guiding the safety and stability of middle and primary schools; coordinating and guiding the comprehensive management of social security work and school safe and civilized campus construction; give direction to trade union and the Communist Youth League work; conducting the security cadres team construction of universities.

  • Scientific Research Office(Jilin Province Academic Degrees Committee Office)

    Planning and guiding the science and technology and philosophy, social science research of Colleges and universities; coordinating and guiding the colleges and universities to participate in national, provincial construction of innovation system; coordinating and guiding the colleges and universities to undertake the science and technology major projects such as the national, provincial science and technology special majors and significant philosophy and social science research projects; guiding the development of science and technology innovation platform construction of the colleges and universities; give direction to education informatization and integration of production and study of the colleges and universities; coordinating the supervision and administration of publication which published by directly affiliated institutions and the colleges and universities. Implementing the People’s Republic of China Regulations on academic degrees organization; organizing the drafting of reform and development plan of the academic degree and the graduate education of the whole province; give direction to the postgraduate training and discipline construction; being in charge of construction and management of national, provincial key disciplines in universities; undertaking the implementation and coordination of “the 211 Project”, “the 985 Project”; undertaking the specific tasks assigned by the Provincial Academic Degrees Committee Office.

  • Physical Culture Hygiene and Arts Education Division

    Giving directions to the Physical Culture, Hygiene and Health Education, Arts Education and National Defense Education; formulating related policies and education teaching guidance document; planning and guiding related professional construction of teaching material and teacher training; coordinating universities students to participate in international sports competitions and art exchange activities.

  • International Exchange and Cooperation Division

    Giving directions to the international cooperation and exchanges of education. Being Responsible for study abroad, study in China, Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, schools for the children of foreign personnel management work; undertaking the work relating to of education and foreign regulation.

  • Jilin Province College Discipline committee

    Being responsible for inspecting and supervising the university party organizations and party members, the leading cadres to observe party discipline; Inspecting , handling the major discipline violation cases of university Party organizations and Party members; conducting the colleges and universities to develop the construction of the Party's working style and a clean & honest government; giving direction to colleges and universities Commission for Discipline Inspection Work; undertaking the discipline inspection cadres training work; assisting Provincial Education Committee to pay special attention to the construction of Party's working style and a clean & honest government of the leader cadres in the colleges and universities; presenting the issues upwards to provincial Discipline Inspection and Commission and Provincial Education Committee.

  • Division of Retired Veteran Cadres

    Being responsible for the administrative organs and giving directions to the service of retirees directly under the administration of the Province and universities.

  • The Party committee of the organs directly under the administration of the Province

    Being responsible for the party and mass work of the administrative organs and the organs directly under the administration of the Province.

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